Card Guard
Anti Skimming Device

Card Guard is a high quality anti skimming device produced by Startech's years of experience.

End of Card Skimming

With our own product, Card Guard, we not only produce an anti-skimming device but also protecting your ATMs from swindlers.

Equipped with +20 years of experience, this device provides you with four main headings to become long-haul partner.

With our ATM security and anti-skimming solutions, we protect your ATMs 24/7. We are always behind you with our great knowledge.

High Quality

Physically Strong

Instant Monitoring

Qualified Technical Service

High Quality

High Quality

A regular anti-skimming device can only produce low level of signal to avoid danger. In fact, sometimes Magnetic Card info might be higher than the anti-skimming device.

We protect your ATM with our anti-skimming device, which designed to work perfectly, not only hardware but also software.

Designed with flawless engineering, this product creates 18 times more complex waves than its competitors. With these complex waves, Card Guard makes card copying impossible.



With provided live performance information of the network devices you can be you will be informed of everything.

On the other hand, interfaces has designed to professionals to provide maximum simplicity for any user.

The monitoring system, which is the most critical feature of anti-skimming devices, allows you to be continuously informed about your ATMs.

Qualified Technical Service

Qualified Technical Service

One of the strongest muscle of CardGuard at this point is to send the field team to the relevant place as soon as possible and to provide technical support.

Another issue that gives our customers the most advantage is that out team in this sector over 20 years and has experience in biggest banks in Turkey.

How many of them are yours?
2036 thousand card copy attempts
which costs
One Card Guard fits all

The journey of Card Guard started in
Turkey. Now it has spread all over the
world and providing thousands of
ATM protection

ATM crimes moves fast. Stay up to date with the latest trends
and defences.

Let’s secure your ATMs