The operating ATM companies in Turkey

ATM devices are devices that enable customers to perform many banking transactions without going to the bank. Technological renewal of these devices and keeping their safety at the highest level are among the most critical issues.

ATM software and support to the companies which are listed below in Turkey.


NCR Corporation, which leads in the fields of individuals to connect, communicate and operate with the business world, besides personnel support and self-service solutions for retail, finance, travel, health, accommodation, entertainment, game, and public institutions in more than 100 countries, offers comprehensive support services.


It offers IT solutions, including hardware, software, and related services to the banking and retail sectors, and evaluates its knowledge from these sectors in other industries. With its solutions, it aims to reduce process costs, minimize complexity, and provide the best service to its customers.

GRG Banking

GRG Banking Equipment, a subsidiary of GRG Banking in Turkey and responsible for sales and marketing, technical support, service, and spare parts as Professional Consulting Services and responsible for the coordination of regional control center offers services in Istanbul.

Source: Wikipedia