The Inventor of Deep Insert Skimmer Caught

The following news appeared in the newspapers recently. 2 situations were unusual. First, the hacker is a former banker; The second was the device he used to copy cards. Especially in fraud cases related to banking, the fact that fraudsters know the essence and deficits of this business shows that fraudsters will not have difficulty in establishing a mechanism that customers cannot understand.

Let's read the news together:
Hakan Karacaoğlu, a former banker, who was sentenced to 377 years in prison because of copying the card information of millions of people and was searched for 11 crimes, was caught in the operation held in Istanbul Beykoz.

Hakan Karacaoğlu, who has been living in Batumi for 8 years, secretly came to Istanbul for his child's health problem. The cyber police determined that Karacaoğlu was in Beykoz. Hakan Karacaoğlu, who was driving in his car, was detained. A fake ID card was obtained from Karacaoğlu with the identity information of other people. Karacaoğlu, who was transferred to the courthouse after his police operations, was arrested in the court he was taken to.

Former banker Hakan Karacaoğlu, who is claimed to have made millions of pounds of profits by copying the card information of thousands, was sentenced to 377 years in prison, and the file was sent to the Court of Appeal.

Hakan Karacaoğlu, known as 'Blind Hakan' because his left eye is prosthetic, is among the most important hackers who know how to copy cards from ATMs. The device named 'Deep Insert Skimmer' developed by Karacaoğlu copies the card information of the customers without being noticed. According to the claim, Karacaoğlu has the molds of the device named 'Deep Insert Skimmer' developed in China and its electronic system in Bulgaria. Later, these devices sending gangs in Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Indonesia.

The second interesting issue in this news is the device used by the fraudster and that he produced this device himself.

So what is the Deep Insert Skimmer device? How does it work? What are the features?

Deep Insert Skimmer device is a unique card copy system that is placed in the center of ATMs. It is impossible to notice from the outside. It can detect this device only if the ATM alarms or the bank officer looks inside the ATM.

The Deep Insert Skimmer device is approximately 6.5 centimeters in size. It is a device that is easily placed in ATMs and difficult to spot.

Most of the fraudsters about ATM copying in our country are foreign nationals.

Below you can see the news that a gang that uses a skimmer device similarly is caught. Although the fraudsters in the news change, the Deep Insert Skimmer device designed by Hakan Karaca still plays the leading role.

It was determined that the Moldovanians took lessons from the Bulgarians who are experts in ATM fraud at the beginning of the ATM and brought the copying mechanism from abroad. It was understood that the device called Deep İnsert Skimmer was impossible to notice because the ATM was installed within 6 centimeters of the card entry chamber.

In Istanbul, they went to Moldova Moldovan gang after copying cards, the information on the card to the twin's card by transferring money back, and they were determined to take back to Turkey.

4 Moldovan police were arrested in the courthouse where they were taken and sent to prison.

Both the events described in this news and the fraud cases that are new every day make it necessary for us as citizens to be conscientious when using ATMs and other channels and to be alert to possible fraud cases before, during, and after the transaction.

What can banks or corporations do about Deep Insert Skimming?

As Startech, we put an end to this fraud with our Deep Insert Plate.

So what kind of precautions can we take against such copying cases?

We can withdraw money from ATM with QR code.

We must withdraw money from ATMs that we continuously use and have sufficient lighting.

Instead of withdrawing small amounts of cash and frequently from ATMs, we can withdraw larger amounts and less often.

We can close it by hand in case of seeing any person or device at the ATM password entry stage.

Source: Wikipedia