FLM (First Line Maintenance)

FLM (First Line Maintenance) refers to service calls that do not require a tool or part but are required to return the ATM machine or infrastructure to the proper operating conditions. First Line Care includes much more basic situations. ATMs are a bit sensitive, so even a minor problem can take ATMs out of service. For example, receipt paper can sometimes jam. More often, cash jams can take ATMs out of service. First Line Maintenance includes routine support, replacing and re-stocking consumables such as paper and ink, and resolving minor problems such as currency, cards, or paper jams.

What transactions are covered by FLM?

  • Supporting ATMs under Contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Troubleshoot a wide range of technical ATM faults that do not require any parts
  • Replace consumables when needed
  • If necessary, on-site troubleshooting for second-line repair
  • Check for unauthorized devices on and around the ATM fascia
  • Providing general cleaning of ATM and its surroundings
  • Reporting on ATM issues that require more attention, such as graffiti, ATM or environmental problems such as property damage, cash quality, heat or humidity
  • Changing sticker labels when needed
Source: Wikipedia